What to Know About Lease Returns in the NY Area

Many dealers in the Northeast make returning your lease early seem like doom and gloom. While of course it is ideal to hold in to your lease until the end of your term, there are actually plenty of options available to drivers in New York, New Jersey, PA, CT or Massachusetts who are looking to return their lease without facing huge fees or penalties of any kind. Our experienced team is here to help you do just that!

Returning a Lease in New York, New Jersey, PA, CT or Massachusetts

Rather than keeping potential fees buried in the small print, we’re very clear about the few things which can result in a lease return penalty. These are simple things like returning your lease early, exceeding the agreed upon mileage of the vehicles’ lease, or returning your lease with damage. While these items are all very rare, they do happen from time to time so we will make them very clear to you as soon as you select the vehicle you would like to lease. We also make sure to send reminders and helpful hints to help you avoid paying these fees for any reason.

How to Avoid Fees and Penalties on Lease Returns

Returning a lease does not have to be a scary proposition. In fact, there are plenty of strategies and tactics available to you if you need to return a lease but do not want to face fees. These include overlapping leases, lease transfers, or even buying out your lease and selling to our dealership for a profit. We’ll help you determine the best course of action for you to avoid tricky lease return policies in New York, New Jersey, PA, CT or Massachusetts (even if you aren’t leasing with us!).

Get Your Lease Underway in the Northeast

We’re here to make leasing your next car as smooth and simple as possible. Whether you have a pressing need to get out on the road or simply have questions about any phase of the leasing process, our team is here to help. Get in touch today at 646-666-5700.

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